Ordering plants is pretty simple, the main steps are described below and the main pages are displayed on the right:

  1. List (or search) Plants
  2. Click on plant’s “Botanical Name” to display their details.
  3. The plant detail contains a “Sold As” column showing all valid container sizes for the plant.
  4. Click the container size you wish, click it a few more times to add more (or adjust the number later on).
  5. Once you have at least one plant, a floating cart button will appear with the total count of all items in the cart.
  6. Click the floating cart button to open the cart. From there you can further edit the plant numbers and provide your details (which will be saved for subsequent orders).
  7. Once you are ready, click the button to confirm the details. the cart will empty and you will receive a confirmation email. Someone should contact you soon after.
  8. The confirmation email has a link you can use to edit the cart if you change your mind (when editing an existing order, the floating cart will also display the order number).


  • Please have your order number ready during pickup and for any enquiries.
  • We don’t deliver.
  • It may take a week or so for you to be contacted after you have submitted your order. We will check plant availability etc (if you contact us first, please have your order number ready).
  • If you don’t submit the order, you could use the cart as a shopping list (you’d have to make the list on the same mobile device you’d bring to our nursery & you’d tick off items by deleting them from the cart or making the count zero).
  • This isn’t meant for immediate action as plant availability etc needs to be examined and it is typically used mainly for bulk orders by parks. Please don’t come in to pickup orders until you have been notified that it is ready for pickup!
  • The cart:
    • Will work across as many browser tabs as you wish to use.
    • The floating cart icon appears when there is at least one item in the cart. It will remain visible even when scrolling long pages.
    • Items will remain in the cart even if you exit the browser or shutdown your computer (if you have changed your mind simply delete the items you no longer wish).
  • On a computer, hovering the mouse over text and buttons will show tooltips for further information & guidance.
  • Some organisations get a discount on the full price, this will be applied later (the initial order displays the full undiscounted price, if after pickup you receive an invoice for the full price then please contact us for a new corrected one).

If you have any issues with the above:

  • Download our Order-Form
  • Save and send as an email attachment or Save, print and send by post. 
  • Please let us how our online order process failed (perhaps written on the form) so we can fix the issue.