Indigenous Gardening Guide

Whitehorse Council’s indigenous gardening guide Indigenous Gardening in Whitehorse (PDF) can be downloaded here (14MB).

It’s an impressive resource for home gardeners – covering sustainable, indigenous gardening from scratch – the benefits, planting and maintenance techniques, garden design tips, a list of indigenous Whitehorse plants that may be purchased from Bungalook replete with glorious colour photographs of the plants and a list of weeds.

Gardens for Wildlife

The Gardens for Wildlife program is active in our municipality to support local residents setting an area aside in their gardens for local wildlife – the benefits including assisting bio-links and corridors.

Whitehorse Bushland Parks

Bush Tucker Plants

  • Indigenous Plant Use Guide by the Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Hub at the University of Melbourne – authored by Barkandji woman Zena Cumpston. It explores the cultural, nutritional, technological and medicinal use of indigenous plants.

Plant Identification

The following list contains some very useful plant identification sites even though some remain works-in-progress. Botanists refer to plant identification systems like these as “keys” – typically for specific groups of plants such as wattles or grasses. The keys will take some effort for first time users to learn, but are worth the effort:

  • iNaturalist – Connect with experts who can identify the plants you observe.

Other Plant Information

Links to Other Organisations