The Early Days

Our first web-site was hosted by the State Library of Victoria under its free site hosting program for community groups. Adrienne Card and Val Lynch developed the site, like one they had developed for Campbells Croft Abbey Walk Advisory Committee. It featured information and photos of the beginnings of the nursery.

When that program ended, the site was relocated to commercial host Digital Pacific under its eco-friendly Green Hosting program.
Digital Pacific is an Australian provider of web hosting, dedicated servers and domain registration services. 

Mr Peter PAUL

Bungalook is very grateful to Mr Peter PAUL who gave great service as Web Master over the period 2013-2020. We also thank him for assisting in the conversion to the new environment referred to below.

Current Hosting and Management

More recently, the web-site has been updated to the WordPress content management system – still under Digital Pacific hosting.

From 2021-2022, the web-site was being jointly managed by Marilyn Holmes and Dianne Hannaford. We thank them for committing to their new roles.

Dennis Bareis is managing the website since November 2022. He is in the process of replacing the 170 static plant pages with template driven dynamic pages to make future changes relatively trivial to apply.

Additional Thanks & Recognition

We thank Digital Pacific for its hosting services and for the excellent technical support provided to our team which helped set the direction for the migration to the new environment.

We also thank the City of Whitehorse and Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria/VicFlora for their permission and encouragement to use links to their plant data to assist our site users.

Finally, we also thank Ian Moodie (City of Whitehorse), Margaret Witherspoon, Marilyn Holmes, Marion Siseman, Mark Anderson, Amanda Simpson, Cath Tenni, Rosemary Daunt, Doug Scott, Carol Snell and Ruth Ault for providing photos and permission for their use on this web-site. As Marilyn Holmes (one of our new administrators) says, “We wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without their help”