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Myth Buster:Wattles rarely cause hayfever (it is mostly grasses)
Botanical Name:Acacia stricta
3 synonyms:   Mimosa stricta , Phyllodoce stricta , Racosperma strictum
Common Name:hop wattle , straight wattle
Sold As:Tube ($2.00)
Tall Shrub (2 to 6 m), Bee Attracting, Bird Attracting, Insect Attracting, Popular (bulk)
Full Sun, Partial Shade, Shade
Sandy, Moist
2-5 m x 2-4 m
Foliage:Narrow dull grey-green foliage, prominent midrib with many crowded lateral veins, 3.5-14 cm x 3-10 mm.
Flowers:2-4 individual pale yellow ball-shaped flowerheads per axil on slightly sticky stalks. Narrow thin pale brown pods 4-7 cm x 2-4 mm. May-October
Fast growing, coastal tolerant legume. Open erect shrub, prominent yellowish resinous ribs on smaller branchlets. Often suckers. Very adaptable for garden sites. Grow under eucalypts, drought hardy, windbreak. Grows well in sunny, well-drained positions, in most soils. Tolerates drought conditions and moderately salty winds.

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Propagation: From scarified seed or boiling water treatment.

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