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Botanical Name:Austrostipa rudis ssp. rudis
2 synonyms:   Stipa nervosa , Stipa rudis
Common Name:veined spear grass
Sold As:Tube ($2.00)
Grass, Grass Like / Strappy, Bird Attracting
Full Sun, Partial Shade
Dry, Moist
to 40 cm (stems to 1.3 m) x 50 cm - 80 cm
Foliage:Rough, sometimes downy, flat, folded or inrolled leaves to 40 cm x 5 mm.
Flowers:Purple or green, becoming straw-coloured November to February. Loose flowerhead to 50 cm. Base of bracts below each floret straight, tip membranous, toothed. Floral bract to 10 mm, brown, rough, flat white to tawny hairs on lower half, tuft prominent; bristle twice bent, 3-6 cm, column twisted, 20-25 mm long.
Spreading tufted perennial grass.  Drift through trees or use as accent plants in garden beds. Tip of florets can be sharp, penetrating skin of people & pets.  Frost tolerant.  Birds like the seeds.

  1. Whitehorse Council
  2. Yarra Ranges Council (Victora, close to us)
  3. Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria (VICFLORA, technical, good photos)
  4. Royal Botanic Gardens (Kew UK, technical)

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