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Botanical Name:Carex fascicularis
2 synonyms:   Carex forsteri var. fascicularis , Carex pseudocyperus var. fascicularis
Common Name:frog grass , tassel sedge
Sold As:Tube ($2.00)
Rush / Sedge, Grass Like / Strappy, Butterfly Attracting, Insect Attracting
Partial Shade
Moist, Wet
1 m high
Foliage:Bright green leaves 6-11 mm wide, swollen at inner partitions. Same size as flowering stems. Sheath yellow-brown, appendage pointed.
Flowers:Spreading flowerhead 6-25 cm long; 3-6 long-stalked, drooping spikes, 1 per node; upper spike male; lower spikes mostly female. Fruit dark brown, veined, deeply split on tip, style 3-branched. Nut yellow-brown, October-April
Densely tufted sedge spreading from short underground stems. Flowering stems erect, rough above, 3-angled in cross section, to 1m high, leafy bract much longer than flowerhead. A bright sedge with attractive tassel spikes for water areas and beside ornamental pools. Tolerates planting within the water's edge. Frog habitat.

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