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Botanical Name:Eucalyptus ovata
synonym:   Eucalyptus gunnii var. ovata
Common Name:black gum , swamp gum
Sold As:Tube ($2.00)
Large Tree (over 6 m), Bee Attracting, Bird Attracting, Butterfly Attracting, Insect Attracting
Full Sun, Partial Shade
Clay, Infertile, Moist, Poorly Drained
30 m x 20 m
Foliage:Young leaves dull, elliptic to 15 cm x 8.5 cm. Adult - glossy, egg-shaped, wavy edges, to 15 cm x 30-50 mm
Flowers:White-cream clusters of 7 diamond-shaped buds. Fruit funnel-shaped with flat top, 3-4 valves not exserted. March-June
Bark shed in long strips. Fast growing upright tree, often low branching. Canopy open. Bark rough over lower part of trunk or smooth from the base, shedding from upper trunk and branches. Birds use it for food and habitat. Food for caterpillars and nectar for butterflies. Frost resistant. Windbreak or light shade tree for swampy areas and creek banks. Koala food plant.

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