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Botanical Name:Juncus holoschoenus
Common Name:joint-leaf rush
Status:DISABLED: Unavailable for now & possibly forever
Sold As:Tube ($2.00)
Rush / Sedge, Grass Like / Strappy, Bird Attracting
Full Sun, Partial Shade
Moist, Wet, Boggy, Poorly Drained
50 cm x 40 cm
Foliage:Leaves along stems, hollow, hardly partitioned, shorter or longer than flowering stems, 1-4 mm wide. Rounded ear-like lobes at tip of leaf sheath margins.
Flowers:Pale green reddish-tinged clusters, November-March. Branched flowerhead with 2-75 scattered or close clusters of 4-40 flowers; 6 stamens. Main bract shorter or longer than flowerhead. Capsules golden brown, angled, as long or longer than flowers.
Open, tufted perennial rush. Erect leafy stems to 3mm diam., new shoots sometimes rising from lower nodes. An attractive rush for wet areas beside water features or along wet edges. Birds like the seeds. Frog Habitat.

  1. Whitehorse Council
  2. Yarra Ranges Council (Victora, close to us)
  3. Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria (VICFLORA, technical, good photos)
  4. iNaturalist
  5. Royal Botanic Gardens (Kew UK, technical)

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