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Botanical Name:Lepidosperma laterale
synonym:   Lepidosperma laterale var. typicum
Common Name:Variable Sword Sedge
Sold As:Tube ($2.00)
Grass, Rush / Sedge, Grass Like / Strappy, Bird Attracting, Butterfly Attracting, Insect Attracting
Partial Shade, Shade
Sandy, Moist
30–100 cm (Flower stalks to 1 m) x 2–8 mm
Foliage:Narrow, stiff dark green strap-like leaves and stems. Leaves have sharp edges with shiny reddish or dark greyish brown sheaths at base.
Flowers:Loose clusters of red-brown flowers in a narrow, erect spray at the end of stems. Flowers from September to March.

A variable, hardy feature plant for gardens useful for rockeries and mass plantings.
Care must be taken where planted due to its sharp edges. 

Variable small to tall clumping perennial sedge, spreading by very short underground stems. Flowering stems rigid, flat or slightly convex on one side with very sharp margins.  Provides a habitat to frogs. Birds eat the seeds.

Very adaptable feature plant which will also tolerate sun. Care needs to be taken with placement due to the sharp edges.

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