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Botanical Name:Linum marginale
Common Name:australian flax , native flax , wild flax
Sold As:Tube ($2.00)
Ground Cover (up to 30 cm), Low Growing Shrub (30 cm to 1 m), Cottage
Full Sun, Partial Shade
Sandy, Clay, Moist, Wet, Well Drained
30-60 cm (sometimes up to 1 m) x 30 cm
Foliage:Scattered narrow erect leaves 5-20 mm x 1-2 mm, tapering to a soft point.
Flowers:Blue with darker veins, September-May. Loose, terminal branched cluster of open flowers. Round papery fruit.

Willowy herb for rockeries, cottage gardens and planting under established trees. Will self-seed readily in ideal conditions. Slender upright bluish perennial herb, stems usually unbranched, dying back after flowering to a thick tuberous rootstock. As a perennial this plant can become dormant until
conditions are suitable for new growth. Frost and snow tolerant.

Found on a wide range of soils: heavy and clay soils, sandy soils. Prefers moist well-drained soils.

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Leaching may hasten germination but pre-treatment is not essential.
The seeds have a high germination rate. The seeds germinate in 3 to 4 weeks at 20 °C.

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