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Botanical Name:Rytidosperma caespitosum
2 synonyms:   Austrodanthonia caespitosa , Danthonia caespitosa
Common Name:common wallaby-grass , ringed wallaby grass , white-top
Sold As:Tube ($2.00)
Grass, Grass Like / Strappy, Bird Attracting, Popular (bulk)
Full Sun, Partial Shade
Moist, Well Drained
20-40 cm (stems to 1.2 m) x 40 cm
Foliage:Flat to inrolled, hairy (sometimes hairless) leaves to 30 cm x 1-3 mm, blue-green on upper surface.
Flowers:Dense, fluffy white, oblong flowerhead 3-8 cm long, 6-9 florets in 10-30 spikelets. Lower bract oblong to 5.5 mm, 2 rows of hairs above basal tuft; 2 lobes erect, abruptly tapering; central bristle dark, to 25 mm, twisted 3-5 times at base.
Understorey planting. May be used as a lawn alternative as it can cope with mowing. Common widespread. Frost tolerant.

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