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Botanical Name:Wahlenbergia stricta
synonym:   Wahlenbergia gracilis var. stricta
Common Name:austral bluebell , australian bluebell , tall bluebell
Sold As:Tube ($2.00)
Ground Cover (up to 30 cm), Bird Attracting, Butterfly Attracting, Insect Attracting, Popular (home), Cottage, Indigenous Plant Use
Indigenous Plant Use:Flowers are edible and can be used in salads.CAUTION: Many plants are poisonous if not collected and prepared properly!
Full Sun, Partial Shade
Moist, Well Drained
20-50 cm x 40 cm
Foliage:Pairs of hairy, oblong leaves 5-70 mm x 1-13 mm, margins wavy with small teeth. Leaves becoming narrow near flowers or stalk leafless in upper half.
Flowers:Bell-shaped flowers to 30mm wide on long stems. Calyx hairy. Light to deep blue, sometimes white, with a white throat. Flowering from September to February.

Perennial herb dying back to thick taproot in autumn. Few to many stems usually few branched. Nectar for butterflies.

A beautiful bluebell with well displayed flowers, excellent planted en masse or as drifts through small gardens, cottage gardens or under trees.

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